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Dr. Troell has just completed a manuscript regarding his experience with the Perma Lip soft silastic lip implants with excellent results and minimal risks.

Want bigger, fuller, gorgeous lips like Angelina Jolie and other famous celebrities?

Lip enhancement and augmentation may enhance one’s facial appearance by creating a fuller more seductive look with luscious lips. This fuller appearance can be achieved by one of three different procedures:

A. adding a substance, such as a dermal or skin filler
B. using one’s own soft tissue, lip tissue itself, fat, pericranial scalp tissue
C. adding a soft, solid, silastic lip implant

Lip enhancement techniques can be divided into two general categories regarding longevity:

  1. Temporary
  2. Permanent

Temporary techniques involve an injectable skin or dermal filler that need repeat injections every 6-12 months. The current options include the hyaluronic acid (HLA) fillers to include:

  1. Restylane Silk, Restylane and Restylane Lyft
  2. Juvaderm

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The advantages of the HLA dermal fillers are:

  • they are easy to inject with either a blunt tip cannula or small needle
  • performed under no anesthesia except ice, topical anesthesia or nerve block local anesthesia
  • subtle lip asymmetries can be corrected with fillers
  • soft, natural feel outcome

The disadvantages of the HLA dermal fillers are:

  • the fillers are temporary, lasting 5-9 months
  • each time an injection is necessary is somewhat uncomfortable
  • injections of filler into the bulk of the lip are absorbed more rapidly

Also, by using a blunt tip cannula (DermaSculpt)to administer the filler, the procedure is less painful, more rapid recovery with less bruising, little to no risk of injecting into a blood vessel or causing an embolism since the vessels move out of the way of the blunt tip cannula during administration.

Permanent techniques involve:

  1. the placement of a permanent soft silastic implant (PermaLip)
  2. augmentation using the patient’s own soft tissues, such as scar tissue, pericranium (below the scalp fibrous tissue) or fat transfer. The enhancement or augmentation is performed by placing some of one’s own soft tissue into the upper and/or lower lip. Each of these tissues demonstrates their own benefits and limitations.

The permanent options using one’s own soft tissues as a filler include:

  1. Fat Grafting- harvesting the fat from the VASER liposuction fat harvesting technique, processing fat with the LipoKit or Adivive Fat Processing Unit.
  2. Pericranium- soft tissue taken from underneath the scalp through a small incision
  3. Scar tissue- scar from a current incision, such as from a tummy tuck or breast augmentation

The permanent options, which alter either the lip position or to show more pink mucosa include:

  1. a “V - Y” plasty - mucosa inside the mouth is pushed outward to create a fuller lip with more pink color showing.
  2. Lip Lift - an incision above the upper lip or below the nose to repair a droopy lip and/or to decrease the distance from the upper lip to the bottom of the nose. Also, a lateral lip lift can be done at the lost lateral aspect of the upper lip.

PermaLip Augmentation

The only current FDA approved permanent technique using synthetic material is the PermaLip.

Dr. Troell completed a study on 120 Perma Lip implants placed in 56 patients with all but one patient wanting them removed. Most patients had the 5 mm diameter implant placed over the 4 mm implant with no patients electing the smaller 3 mm size.

Two implants required revision and three patients wanted there lips larger than the largest implant available, so additional fillers were injected. There were no infections or extrusions of any implants. NO one had the implants removed because of an unpleasant feel or sensation.

The patients had a high satisfaction rate with a much improved sexy, seductive lip appearance.

Lip Augmentation with Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a good alternative with the benefits of using the patients own tissue with a permanent result, soft natural feel and appearance with 60-80% of the grafted fat remaining permanently. Between one to three sessions are usually required to achieve the patient’s desired lip fullness. The added benefit of fat harvesting is that a body site, usually the abdomen, can have an improved body contour by liposcultping. Many patient's perform fat transfer at the same time as a liposuction procedure. Instead of disposing of the fat, we can harvest and process the fat, followed by administration back into one's face or body.

Dr. Troell developed a surgical lip augmentation procedure using the fibrous tissue under the scalp skin, known as pericranium. The initial fullness is slowly dissipated over about 4-6 weeks from the body absorbing the soft tissue and establishing a blood supply to the live tissue.

The pericranial tissue is an excellent alternative for those not desiring a synthetic implant, because:

  • there is virtually no visible incision hidden under one’s hair
  • 60% of the graft remains permanently
  • a smooth natural contour and natural soft lip feel remains
  • performed under local anesthesia or with additional intravenous sedation

Pericranium Lip Augmentation Procedure Limitations:

  • a donor site is required to acquire the pericranial tissue
  • the procedure to acquire the pericranium takes about 30 minutes
  • about 40% of the graft tissue absorbs over the first 3 months

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